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For over 100 years the Boys Scouts of America has been the nation's leading youth organization.

The Scouts of TROOP 613 in Golden are a part of this heritage and you can be too.

Boy Scout membership and TROOP 613 is open to young men ages 10 to 18.

Interested in joining Troop 613?

Click CONTACT US to request information.


Monday, July 28th

Posted by admin on Jul 26 2014 - 9:59pm

Philmont Meeting @ 6pm - Troop Meeting @ 7pm (TROOP ELECTIONS)

Help needed for Railroad Museum Parking Saturday, August 9

Posted by G Hill on Jul 25 2014 - 10:30am

Please consider helping with parking on Saturday, August 9. Sign ups on Troop calendar needed soon due to short notice!

Late request for Colorado Railroad Museum parking in August!

Posted by G Hill on Jul 19 2014 - 11:27pm

Received a request today from the Museum for special event parking support on Saturday, August 9.

All funds will be applied to your unit account. Continue to build up your camping funds! Please sign up on the Troop calendar.

Camp Fundraising

Posted by admin on Jul 15 2014 - 12:33am
 Like and Share us on Facebook for our Help Send a Scout to Camp fundraising efforts! 

Need a Scoutmaster Conference or Board of Review?

Posted by admin on Jun 7 2014 - 10:08am

Sign up using the Event Registration page to your right.  The date of the registration is NOT the date you will be requesting the conference and review - it is simply a page for you to request your conference and review.

Do you want to add funds to your Troop Unit Account?

Posted by admin on Jun 7 2014 - 10:08am

If you currently shop at Safeway or King Soopers, you can earn money by continuing to do what you are already doing.

Request cards any time from George Hill (Safeway $10) and Joe Komoras (King Soopers $2.50). See the following for more information.

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